BIZ Karts Website One Brand, One Website, One Mission.

BIZ Karts are one of the leading suppliers of go karts. They have been manufacturing karts in the UK for over 20 years.

The key objective was to create a brand and website that reflected BIZ Karts' vision - to become the No 1 kart brand of choice, in the world.

BIZ Karts needed a website that not only looked great and functioned seamlessly from an end-user point of view, but also one that is easy to manage and update. 

The new website was required to fuel business growth and, as a minimum, needed to incorporate the ‘shop’, a kart comparison to assist customers to make the right decisions and increase kart demo requests.

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The Brand Mapp process kicked-off with a 'golden circle' to focus on creating the ‘Why’; Precision Innovation. The tone of voice, company values and mission were developed before the website architecture and design could begin. The new Brand Mapp fuelled the design and inspired functionality. CAB utilised its revolutionary Website Process on this project which includes a key element; the ‘Architect Workshop’. This gives the opportunity for the client, UX Lead, Head of Tech and account handling team to work together to create the ideal IA site map and plan all of the necessary page templates.

This was a great opportunity for me to get involved and improve the interactivity of the website. I particularly enjoyed creating the kart comparison pages and the 360 garage kart selector.
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Increase in unique visitors*
Enquiries received
Demo requests received

The focus was on driving an increase in traffic and conversions by providing the information users were looking for. By creating an SEO friendly site and developing concise, optimised content, unique visitors increased by 146% in the first three months along with a clear uplift in enquiries and demo requests - many of which were from new international prospects. The website's average visit duration is now nearly 4 minutes, with an average of 4 pages viewed by each visitor - showing a healthy level of engagement.


*Based on the same period in previous year (Oct 1st - Dec 31st)