Plan Your Stairs App A Configurator To Assist Customer Purchase Decisions

Cheshire Mouldings is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of stair parts for the home.

How do you capture your share of the consumer market, without cutting out the merchant? Cheshire Mouldings were looking for a way to assist their customers in the purchase process for a new staircase, without driving direct sales. 

Therefore the Plan Your Stairs app was created to enable customers to design and configure their own staircase, which would then produce a parts list for customers to take to their local merchant.

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We believe that the more relevant, remarkable and rewarding we can make an interactive application, the greater its power and the more positive the experience for the customer. We blended customer research, device usage trends, user experience reviews and in-depth competitor analysis to build a robust recommendation for the structure, features and functionality of the new web app.

Developing a bespoke stair configurator was a brilliant challenge. It had to be able to handle countless design and configuration possibilities. Not only was it a fab opportunity to personally develop my skills, but I now know a lot about staircases!
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It was a fantastic opportunity to use technology to increase customer engagement with Cheshire Mouldings products and brand.
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The interactive web-app allows the end consumer to configure their stairs to create the ideal look they want for their home. This automatically generates a tailored parts list that can then be taken to their local stockist - making the purchase easy for the customer and the merchant. An all round win-win.


in-app projects completed each month

The dedicated Plan Your Stairs website creates the perfect searchable platform to link users directly to the app. It’s also a valuable source of information offering details of all stair ranges as well as useful parts information.

The Plan Your Stairs app is easy to use and offers advice every step of the way. Launched in October 2014 it has generated over 50 completed projects per month and, due to this success, two of the UK’s leading DIY chains are looking to re-skin the app for use on their own websites and in-store.