Discount Vouchers PPC 3 Million New Subscribers. 300% Increase in ROI.

Discount Vouchers were looking to grow their email database from 6 million to 9 million subscribers and had a crystal clear CPA-based business model. 

They engaged CAB to uncover opportunities in their 10 million Keyword Paid Search Account, challenging us to cut the cost of their customer acquisition from 49p down to a target of 25p. Here's how we did it.

  • 10 Million
  • Target 3 Million
  • Cut Costs
Account Structure

Taking over an account with 10,000,000 keywords took some organisation. We broke the account into themes and ad groups and started identifying the under-performers.

Custom Analytics

After smashing our target in 60 days, we custom built an automated reporting system that let us track performance across the portfolio, letting us adjust bids in real-time and reach a rock-bottom CPA.


New Subscribers
Customer Acquisition Savings
Channels Connected by CAB

When the project had finished, their subscriber base topped 9 million making them officially larger than Groupon in the UK market. 

What's more, we'd managed to cut their CPA from 47p to 15p per subscriber meaning our manually managed portfolio of 10,000,000 keywords ended up costing them £504,000 less in customer acquisition.