Gordon Ramsay Vouchers 400% Sales Growth In 6 Weeks. ROI within 20 Days.

11 restaurants, 4 weeks, one industry-leading online experience. Gordon Ramsay joined CAB in 2012 and tasked us with driving growth of their digital sales. 

The challenge was creating a single customer hub that balanced the personalities of 11 restaurants; made e-commerce intuitive and emotional; and all while creating a brand experience that matched the standards set at the pass. Here's how we did it.

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Strategy & Planning

With 4 weeks to deliver, strategy had to be razor sharp. We focused on competitor benchmarking, user-analysis and in-depth journey planning before handing over to the implementation team.

The e-commerce engine includes a bespoke gift voucher and redemption service which enables a seamless end-to-end process
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Come on! It's the best restaurant website in the world! OK - bit of a grand claim but it is stunning to use.
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The Finished Product

The final responsive site featured bespoke landing pages, 3rd party booking integration and a bespoke e-commerce experience that turned traditional voucher sales on its head.


Growth vs. Previous 12 Months
20 days
To Generate ROI
Channels Connected by CAB

The multi-channel platform we created paid for itself within the first month of launch. Wrapping the e-commerce and booking experience into an emotionally engaging, mouth-watering shopping experience has changed the way Ramsay generate revenue online and more importantly, gave us one very happy client.