Jamie's Italian Loyalty app Creating the best restaurant engagement app driving loyalty

Jamie’s Italian had been using a traditional loyalty card model to engage their customers and help drive sales for a number of years, but this approach wasn’t delivering the repeat custom they needed. Not only were the cards and printed materials costly to produce, but many customers were taking advantage of the introductory discount offer but were then not compelled to come back. It was decided that a move to digital was the next step, but Jamie’s Italian faced stiff competition from other more established restaurant loyalty apps in the market.

CAB went through extensive competitor and market reviews with Jamie’s Italian, as well as in depth persona modelling to profile exactly who their customers were, what they would be interested in and when. The focus was on recognizing the varying wants and needs of their customers and reaching them with relevant offers at the right time. The creative hook ‘feed my….’ was created, meaning that every aspect of the apps’ design should address a customer need, whether it was hunger, curiosity or health.

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Stand out

The app was designed to stand out amongst competitor loyalty apps with key points of difference. Larger scale food photography was used as well as restaurant interiors to make the experience feel more immersive. The design also made it easy for customers to quickly view nutritional values for each menu item, an important feature created to appeal to a large number of their profiled customers.

This app delivers an experience that feeds the needs of loyal customers throughout the journey. Using larger scale food and restaurant interior photography was a key and unique design feature.
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CAB built a great relationship with Flypay to integrate the 'pay at table' technology, allowing customers to settle the bill without even calling the waiting staff.
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CAB are currently working with Jamie’s Italian to add further functionality including location based push notifications, increasing the relevance of offers to their customers.
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This customer focused functionality and design meant the app reached Number 2 in the food and drink category in the Apple App store 2 weeks after launch.


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Proof that the new digital loyalty platform is delivering on the objective to encourage longer term customer interaction and advocacy than the previous card based scheme.