MedicX Dashboard Helping A Leading Healthfund Drive Growth With Data

The key objective of this project was to provide a bespoke software solution that would help the senior team at MedicX manage their healthcare property portfolio. The tool needed to summarise and display thousands of lines of data in a visually aesthetic manner and streamline the way the sales team see, interpret and use their data.

Not only did this have to be an effective sales tool, it also needed to provide the user with an exceptional user experience on a daily basis. 

Combining strategy with case studies of how the target audience would use the application meant that we were able to construct a path for the perfect user experience. 

Incorporating data from the MedicX sales teams’ monthly report - uploaded to the dashboard through an automated email system - the app provided the team with real-time sales figures for the performance of the properties they look after.

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Taking the lead in the initial stages our Tech and UX champs researched current applications and sales platforms to gain insight into appropriate style, layout and functionality. We used a layered approach to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience. Taking inspiration from Apple's iOS, we gave the user the feeling of never leaving the original page by allowing them to switch back to previous content easily, rather than having to constantly refresh the page.

The Outcome

The MedicX team had a bespoke tool that gave their teams access to up-to-date information in a way that encouraged exploration. Sales teams could quickly spot opportunities and challenges and were able to focus on understanding the story behind the data, rather than getting distracted by the noise.


Visibility Of Performance For All Team Members And Tiers.

This comprehensive tool has improved the function of the sales team as a whole and allowed them to access real-time data essential to achieving their KPIs.