TeamSport SEO 2.5 Million SEO visits since 2009

TeamSport wanted to increase the number of bookings at their tracks by driving more visitors to their website.  To do this they required greater visibility with the search results at both national and local level.

TeamSport challenged CAB to ensure their website appeared within the top 3 rankings for every location they had a track in. CAB took this challenge and ran with it…

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TeamSport required a strong focus on Local Search. The majority of their customers were looking for a karting track close to home; therefore they needed to target and rank for a variety of location-based keywords.

Seeing the organic growth for Teamsport since we took over their SEO in 2009 has been great.
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To increase TeamSport’s visibility within the search results we focused on creating optimised copy that would not just rank well but would convert visitors into customers. We also employed a strategic Link Earning strategy - creating content that others would naturally want to link to and share - therefore increasing TeamSport’s SEO Authority.


2.5 Million
SEO Visits Since 2009
Increase in visits
Major Google Updates Successfully Navigated

CAB have successfully navigated 11 major Google updates to deliver over 2.5 Million vists since 2009.

TeamSport have seen a 300% increase of visits since CAB took over their SEO in 2009.