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Our brand consultants have generated industry leading brands which have amassed values in excess of £50 million at point of exit.

As an agency we are renowned for building hard working, memorable, exciting and connected brands that encompass the total customer experience. We build powerful, connected brands that drive growth. CAB’s origins live within brand creation and development.
We share the philosophy that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. This has been the essence of our unique brand mapping process that allows us to create relevant, remarkable and rewarding propositions that gain interaction, demand and value through the growing landscape of platforms for brand reach.

Key Services

Brand audit

CAB will undertake reviews and audits for existing brands and prospective brands. Through our unique working environment we can analyse the effectiveness of your brand in market and across the channels to give you insight into reputation, effectiveness and reach.


Brand Workshops

From developing your why to amplifying your brand we have a selection of workshops for key industries from hotel and leisure through to the grey market. We can inspire your teams and stakeholders to unlock or see the future and full potential of their brand proposition.


Brand creation

Exploring brands, propositions, cultures and audiences is the lifeblood of CAB. We take you on the journey of discovery to explore potential and new paths for connecting with prime audiences. We uncover and devise imagery, language, strategy and meaning as one to create powerful brands that drive demand and excite the minds of your customers.


Brand Mapp

Our exclusive process takes your brand into the connected world. We find deeper reasons to connect your brand. We uncover new ways for you to be more to your customers and to make you understand what your customers want to do with you in this hyper connected world. Once exploded you will have a clear reason to exist and build audience across the channels.


Brand Consultancy Innovation

Co Founders Ben Wood and Al Allaway are leading brand strategists with highly creative and innovative minds. Ben and Al are available for one to one or group sessions to take you on a journey of ‘What IF’ and ‘Imagine THIS’ with your brand. A day with Ben and Al will leave you with an excited mind for what is achievable in your brand, your industry and beyond. 


Our brand consultants have been responsible for the generation of industry leading brands which have amassed values in excess of £50 million at point of exit.

Your customers want to believe in you and why you do it, not just buy from you. Make sure they get you, make sure your brand connects.
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Brand is everything. It is the hook, the story, the personality and the cause. We thread brand through every interaction and communication.
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