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CAB offers a bespoke Social service tailored towards your business goals. We ensure that you have a strong strategy in place to explore the many opportunities that Social Media presents to customer age brands and to get you in front of as many people as possible.

Our recommended strategy usually centres on providing a human and authentic ‘face’ for the brand to demonstrate your values and beliefs. We use social as an opportunity to talk with your customers. The key to Social Media, after all, is being Social.

No matter your preferred Social Channels, we can work with you to make sure you are reaching your custom audience as easily as possible.
Key Services:
• Audit and consultation advice
• Content plans and social media monitoring
• Sponsored and paid social advertising across all channels
• Online engagement campaigns and competitions
• Ambient and guerrilla social campaigns
• Content writing and blogging
• Micro and macro influencer campaigns


As a team, we regularly broadcast over one million emails per week with open and click rates that consistently outperform industry benchmarks. It is through these incredible statistics that we have been able to make such a difference to our client’s businesses through email marketing.


Over the past few years we have built up a reputation in the areas of database engagement, creative execution, revenue generation, data enrichment and personalisation.


Key Services


  • Strategy - Working closely with your team, we develop a full suite of email recommendations to drive database growth, engagement, data acquisition and conversion.


  • Customer Experience Planning - We can help you craft and implement remarkable, personal and relevant communications with customers throughout the buying-cycle.


  • Creative – We offer entry-level email to complex, mobile-optimised templates. We base our creative around thoughtful, functional design and find ways to create remarkable inbox experiences.


  • Management & Implementation - We offer end-to-end implementation support for simple or sophisticated campaigns, from Mailchimp to ExactTarget, ensuring your brand, business and customer experience are enhanced in the process.


  • Data and Analytics - We deliver real-time tracking to help our clients make smarter decisions, faster. We also provide analysis on a weekly, monthly or campaign basis.



  • Email Insight Report - Our Email Insight Report goes under the hood of your email activity to give you a bird’s eye view of your opportunities to grow the value of your database across strategy, technology and creative.


  • Enterprise Support - As an ExactTarget Partner, we can help ExactTarget customers get the most out of the platform, or give those considering it an honest appraisal of whether it meets their needs. 

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