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At CAB we think in terms of challenges, rather than channels. Our proprietary ‘LIFE' marcomms planning process helps teams stay focused on the challenges that matter most to your KPI’s. This is split down into four very simple ideas. How do you LOCATE your customers? How do you INSPIRE them? How do you FOCUS them towards making a decision? How do you ENGAGE them to ensure they become one with your brand?

This approach has yielded powerful and consistent results across sectors. Through using the LIFE Mapp we are able to plan like you would - focused on providing a real return on investment, without the need to push one channel over another.
Thinking of marketing as one channel at a time is an antiquated approach to marketing. We believe that channels can truly reinforce one another, and so it is better to fit the channels to the marketing plan rather than the other way around. This allows for us to work with you to plan the perfect marketing plan to deliver the best results for your business.

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