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With mobile devices accounting for nearly a third of web traffic the mobile web is fast becoming one of the most important platforms for businesses of any size.

Cisco predicts that by the end of 2014 the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the total number of people on earth. Ensuring the experience of your brand is as rich, effective and remarkable across the vast range of mobile devices available today and beyond will help your customers to find and engage with you wherever they may be.
Our experienced UX and development teams will often build with a mobile-first approach when it comes to web design and development. Building a dedicated mobile site or application for specific use cases allows even greater tailoring of the user experience for smaller screen devices. The CAB device lab enables our QA team to ensure mobile projects work as expected on a wide range of physical mobile devices.

Key Services

Responsive Website design and development

Responsive web design optimises the rendering of a web page to the device the page is accessed on. Typically this may include moving elements around the page, changing the size of elements or even hiding elements completely on smaller devices. Our experienced UX team will determine with you the priority of page elements and how these should be handled dependant on available screen space. For instance, on a mobile phone it may be that the contact telephone or directions are more prominent and that extra detail is hidden or pushed further down.


CAB have a vast experience of building responsive web sites which we now recommend as a standard to our clients. Why wouldn’t you want your site to be optimised no matter how it is accessed?


Retrofit responsive design

As well as designing responsively for new sites we can also work with existing sites to retrofit a responsive framework. If you are happy with the design and performance of your existing site we can bring it into the mobile age more efficiently and effectively allowing you to take advantage of the mobile market.


Dedicated Mobile Site design and development

Whilst we would recommend responsive design for most website builds there are some circumstances where a dedicated mobile site may be preferable. For instance if the user journey on a mobile device would be drastically different or if it was desired to only offer certain features or functions of a site to mobile users. CAB can work with you to determine the best approach to suit your needs but perhaps more importantly your customers needs.


Responsive email design and development

Mobile now accounts for the majority of email opens at 51%. Ensuring your next email is accessible to mobile users is no longer optional but a requirement for effective email marketing and communication. With the plethora of devices and apps people use today to read your email communications ensuring they render as expected is no easy task. Thankfully our experienced email team are more than familiar with responsive email standards and techniques to optimise the reading experience no matter the device.



With a strong development, UX and design team in house we have all the expertise required to give your customers the best mobile experience in your market.

Mobile is fast becoming the primary platform for consuming online services. Put simply - you have to be in this space to survive.
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I'm consistently surprised by the impact that mobile-first thinking has on our clients growth. Very exciting to see how this space will evolve over the coming months.
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