UX (User Experience) is the underlying DNA of the entire brand and digital experience for your website.

It is one of the most important processes needed in creating a seamless, enjoyable and efficient user experience which will generate two things: 1- User exploring and interacting with your website for longer, 2 – Revisiting your website and creating a relationship with your brand. These will in turn generate higher conversion rates and increase transactions.
With the ever-growing use of mobile devices UX has never been so valid. UX ultimately puts the user at the centre of the design, creating truly engaging, interactive, enjoyable and efficient products that the user will want to use over and over again developing a solid relationship with your brand and passing your brand onto friends and share it across all their social networks.

Key Services

UX forms an integral part of our website process and is made up of separate projects such as interactive prototyping, persona modelling, wireframing, customer journey planning and conversion funnel modelling. These projects all form parts of the key services we offer within UX.


UX Audit

We begin the process by auditing your current site. We cover all aspects of your site, from structure, template designs, typesetting, imagery, navigation and functionality to discover where your user journeys may or may not work and give us an idea how we can improve on them.


Competitor Benchmarking

Similar to your UX Audit, we also run an audit on your requested competitors. This is invaluable as it uncovers how their websites work, what UX they are using and how we can develop your UX to enhance your site, elevating you over the competitors.


Persona Modelling

Who is using and engaging with your website and brand? This is probably the most fundamental stage in our process. We work with a UCD (User Centred Design) philosophy. UCD puts the users at the centre of the design, we compile a report on the key users that will interact with your website, we have specific reasons as to why they will begin their journey through the site and align your key objectives to correspond with each persona.



Another invaluable service, storyboarding is crucial in the process, this allows us to take the results from the Persona Modelling stage and generate a set of preempted journeys each user will take to achieve both your and their desired goals. Storyboarding allows you to see all the pages required for each of your users and this is a great starting block in generating your template types and IA (information architecture). Good UX means these journeys are achieved in as few a pages a possible.


Template Definition

Now we know who is going to use your website, and their key objectives, and how they are going to journey to achieve them, we can define what templates are required to achieve the ultimate UX engagement and increase conversion. These can be very flexible and the number can depend on the size of your new website or your budget


Interface Wireframes

After gathering and identifying your website, your competitor websites, your users, the journeys they will take and how many templates are required we can begin drafting your wireframes. These are blueprints of the structure of your new website. They display what content needs to go where. The crude styles of wireframes allow fast paced amendments and real time UX conversations. The wireframes will allow you to see a skeleton on your website, giving you the ability to see where content will sit and where primary CTAs will be to attract the most possible clicks.


Our UX and website design team have over ten years of collective knowledge of digital design and modern website standards, along with an incredibly skilled and talented development team with multiple accreditations, your new website project couldn't be in better hands.

Great UX is all about thinking like your customers do - it's taken time to build that capability and now we're there, our clients are really reaping the rewards.
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